We Three

Jean Echenoz
Translated by Jesse Anderson

Louis Meyer is an overworked aerospace engineer looking forward to a week-long vacation on the Mediterranean. DeMilo is an astronaut and self-proclaimed ladies’ man whose behavior borders on the obsessive and voyeuristic. When a series of coincidences and disasters―including a devastating earthquake in Marseilles―brings them together on a spacecraft with an aloof woman they are both strongly attracted to, the two men’s flaws and shortcomings emerge as they engage in an underhanded competition to win her over. Brimming with Jean Echenoz’s inimitable humor, We Three is both a satirical take on the adventure novel and subtle experiment with narrative point of view.

Jean Echenoz is one France’s most respected living novelists. He has won several of France’s most prestigious literary awards, including the Prix Goncourt for I’m Off and the Prix Medecis for Cherokee. His novel Chopin’s Move is also available from Dalkey Archive Press. He lives in Paris.

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Translated by Jesse Anderson
Format: paperback
Number of pages: 152
ISBN-13: 9781628971705
Publication date: February 24, 2017
Language: English
List price: $15.00