Teeth Under the Sun

Latin American Literature Series
Ignácio de Loyola Brandão
Translated by Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey

A modern-day Don Quixote and an exile in his own hometown, the protagonist of Teeth Under the Sun is kept from writing by a conspiracy (real? imagined?) designed to prevent him from revealing the truth about the town’s strange status quo and violent past.

In a place where people have abandoned their houses for tiny apartments in the confines of new high-rises, the narrator walks the almost empty streets, remembering better times and meeting figures from his past: his ex-wife, his son, writers, friends, and revolutionaries. And all of this is interspersed with his memories of the movies.

Fact and fiction, past and present, all meet in this story of the narrator’s attempts to engage more fully with a modern world forcing him into isolation.

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Translated by Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey
Publication: Latin American Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 336
ISBN-13: 9781564784384
GTIN13: 9781564784384
Publication date: 6/1/2007
Language: eng
List price: $13.95