Macho Camacho’s Beat

American Literature Series
Luis Rafael Sánchez
Introduction by Gregory Rabassa

“Life is a phenomenal thing, frontwards or backwards, however you swing.”

Infinitely multiplied by the blare of radios, TVs and record players in San Juan, Macho Camacho’s guaracha weaves its way across the city and through the lives of one family on a single day: Senator Vicente Reinosa, a crooked politician stuck in a gargantuan traffic jam; his neurotic, aristocratic wife; their son Benny, a fascist who is quite literally in love with his Ferrari; and the Senator’s mistress, who inhabits a poorer world with her idiot child, her cousins (Hughie, Louie, and Dewey) and her friend Doña Chon.

Macho Camacho’s Beat blends the music of puns, fantastic wordplay, advertising slogans, and pop-culture references with the rhythm of the guaracha to satirize the invasive Americanization of the island and the way in which a momentary fad impacts the culture at large.

Reading Luis Rafael Sanchez by Gregory Rabassa, originally in CONTEXT #6

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Introduction by Gregory Rabassa
Publication: American Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 211
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Publication date: 12/1/2000
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