Lend Me Your Character

Eastern European Literature Series
Dubravka Ugresic
Translated by Damion Searls, Michael Henry Heim

From the story of Steffie Cvek to “The Kharms Case,” the pieces in Dubravka Ugresic’s collection, Lend Me Your Character, are always smart and endlessly entertaining. The former story paints a picture of a harassed and vulnerable typist whose life is shaped entirely by clichés. She searches endlessly for an elusive romantic love in a narrative punctuated by threadbare advice from women’s magazines and constructed like a sewing pattern. The latter story is one of Ugresic’s funniest and is about the strained relationship between a persistent translator and an unresponsive publisher.

The stories collected in Lend Me Your Character—the novella “Steffie Cvek in the Jaws of Life” and a collection of short stories entitled “Life Is a Fairy Tale”—solidify Ugresic’s reputation as one of Eastern Europe’s most playful and inventive writers.

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Translated by Damion Searls, Michael Henry Heim
Publication: Eastern European Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 200
ISBN-13: 9781564783752
GTIN13: 9781564783752
Publication date: 5/1/2005
Language: eng
List price: $12.95