Raymond Bock
Translated by Pablo Strauss

Atavisms is an original and unsettling portrait of Quebec, from the hinterland to the metropolis, from colonial times to the present and beyond. These thirteen stories, though not linked in the traditional sense, abound in common threads. Like family traits passed down through the generations, the attitudes and actions of a rich cast of characters reverberate, quietly but deeply, over generations. Here is a group portrait of the individual lives that together shape a collective history.

“These thirteen ‘histories’—an unlucky number—can be read as individual stories. But they also bear a troubling family resemblance and a collective unity.” —Le Devoir

“Bock’s striking stories traverse Quebec history to reveal the DNA of our collective unease.” —La Presse

RAYMOND BOCK was born in Montreal in 1981. Atavisms, his first book, won the 2012 Prix Adrienne-Choquette awarded to the year’s outstanding short story collection. He has since published two novellas: Rosemont de profil (2013) and Des lames de pierre (2015).

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Translated by Pablo Strauss
Format: pb
Number of pages: 230
ISBN-13: 978-1-56478-429-2
Publication date: May 2015
Language: English
List price: $13.95