British Literature Series
Nicholas Mosley
Afterword by Steven Weisenburger

Accident, Nicholas Mosley’s brilliantly conceived and efficiently structured novel about Oxford University and environs, is a prose poem about marriage and infidelity, as well as the relationship between writing and existence, imagination and action. It is a study of the games academics play both with their students and with themselves, on campus and off, in bed or on the cricket fields or baronial halls of the landed gentry. By probing the mind of one philosopher-don, Stephen, who has second thoughts about what constitutes an “accident,” Mosley gives us an unforgettable view of life at the top or tip of the academic heights, in addition to a moving story of love and betrayal.

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Afterword by Steven Weisenburger
Publication: British Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 198
ISBN-13: 9780916583118
GTIN13: 9780916583118
Publication date: 11/1/1985
Language: eng
List price: $11.95