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    Le Belle Roumaine
    ( Paperback )

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    La Belle Roumaine tells the story of Ana, a beautiful and bewitching Romanian woman as she seduces café owners, philosophers, and wandering emigrants alike, each receiving a different version of her life story…

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    I’m an Old Commie!
    ( paperback )

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    Emilia, a pensioner in northern Romania, is forced to confront the nostalgic illusions she nurtures as a reaction to the grim post-communist present when her daughter, now living in Canada, telephones urging her not to vote for the former communists in upcoming elections. Determined to discover in her own mind why ‘things were better back then,’ she explores her memories of growing up in an impoverished village and of her life as a factory worker in the town. But ironic tension grows as the reader glimpses between the lines how nothing was what it seemed…

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    The Bulgarian Truck
    ( pb )

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    The writer-narrator of The Bulgarian Truck has hit upon a new technique for writing a novel, which he calls “a building site beneath the open sky,” but he cannot persuade his more widely read wife, Marianne, a character from an earlier novel, that it is any good.

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    The Encounter
    ( Paperback )

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    Pushed around by ticket takers who demand his ticket in several languag- es, a middle aged man goes through a nightmare of hiding and getting away until he manages to cross a frontier guarded by soldiers and dogs. He’s made it back to his native village. There he finds his whole family gathered around a big table, as if for a wedding, a baptism or a wake, but no one recognizes him, not even his mother.

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    ( Paperback / softback )

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    Though best known now for his novels, this collection of pre-exile short stories by the renowned Romanian author and “onirist” not only show Dumitru Tsepeneag at his best, but provide a glimpse into the secret history of surrealism uunder the brutal regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu.