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    Abrupt Mutations
    ( Paperback )

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    Abrupt Mutations leads the reader on a humorous, meandering tour of 1960s Megalopolis, at the heart of which is a hotly anticipated gathering of the city’s culturati at the home of O Jango, a Brazilian billionaire and aesthete equally revered and reviled by his fellow Megalopolitans.

  • Sale! bodies-of-summer

    Bodies of Summer
    ( paperback )

    $14.00 $11.20

    The existence of an afterlife is now a fact: heaven is the internet. Death is only an interruption as souls can be uploaded to the web and new bodies can be purchased by those wishing to reenter the physical world. The need to settle an old score pushes Ramiro Olivaires to move from the comfort of virtual existence back into a human body. Ramiro’s grandson, however, can only afford the body of an overweight middle-aged woman. In the shell of this new body, Ramiro must adjust to the dizzying transformations that the world has undergone since his death…

  • Sale! What to Do

    What to Do
    ( Paperback )

    $14.00 $11.25

    A nameless narrator and his friend Alberto move through a constantly morphing continuum of dream-like situations while discussing philosophy, literature, and war. The impossible question of an enormous student in a lecture hall at an English university sets off a series of alternate paths that open before them like a fan. In taverns, boats, and plazas, the two protagonists discuss John Donne, Lawrence of Arabia, and Lenin with English students, a group of young and old women, and eight hundred drinkers, all the while being dropped from one strange place into the next. A remarkable work of refined surreal comedy.

  • Sale! Caterva

    ( pb )

    $14.95 $11.95

    Caterva tells of seven erudite, homeless, and semi-incompetent radicals attempting to foment a revolution: conspiring with striking workers, setting off bombs, evading the local authorities, and dabbling in espionage. But like his literary “descendant” Julio Cortázar, Juan Filloy is more concerned with his characters’ tragicomical, occasionally transcendent inner lives than with their radical machinations. With its encyclopedic scope and satirical look at solidarity and nonconformity, Caterva is among Filloy’s greatest achievements.

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    Op Oloop
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $14.95 $11.96

    Mr. Optimus Oloop is a Finnish statistician living in Buenos Aires. His life runs according to a methodical and rigid schedule, with everything—from his meals down to his regular visits to the city brothels—timed to the minute. But when an…

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    On Elegance While Sleeping
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $13.95 $11.16

    The first English translation of the self-proclaimed “Viscount” Emilio Lascano Tegui—a friend of Picasso and Apollinaire—On Elegance While Sleeping is the deliciously macabre novel, part Maldoror and part Dorian Gray . . .

  • Sale! The No Variations

    The No Variations
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $15.00 $12.00

    A cryptic, self-negating series of notes for an unfinished work of fiction, this astonishing book is made up of ideas for characters and plot points, anecdotes and tales, literary references both real and invented, and populated by an array of . . .

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    Heartbreak Tango
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $13.95 $11.16

    Awash in small-town gossip, petty jealousy, and intrigues, Manuel Puig’s Heartbreak Tango is a comedic assault on the fault lines between the disappointments of the everyday world, and the impossible promises of commercials, pop songs, and movies..

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    He Who Searches
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $12.95 $10.36

    A professor of semiotics who doubles as a psychologist in Barcelona visits (always in disguise) a prostitute in the early hours of the morning on Mondays and Thursdays in order to analyze her without her knowing it. The story moves from Barcelona to…

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    The Buenos Aires Affair
    ( Paperback / softback )

    $13.95 $11.16

    The third of Dalkey Archive’s reprints of Puig’s novels, The Buenos Aires affair was hailed by the New York Times as “an Argentinian tour de force.”