“Treasure Trove of Fiction from the Archives”, Dalkey Archive Press at the Irish Independent


Named after Flann O’Brien’s final novel, the Dalkey Archive Press offers a bracing riposte to those doom-laden prophets who say that publishing is in dire peril and that adventurous publishing is for the birds.

Founded in Chicago in 1984 by American-born John O’Brien, and now also with offices in London and Dublin, Dalkey Archive’s mission from the outset has been to publish or republish books that belong to the experimental tradition of Sterne, Rabelais, Joyce, Stein and Beckett. And to this end it’s reprinted work by Djuna Barnes, Henry Green, William Gaddis and Robert Coover, along with such Irish writers as Flann O’Brien and Aidan Higgins, and many European writers whose names will be unfamiliar to most readers.

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