Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife by William H. Gass

A Casebook
Edited by Richard Henry
With Rolf Samuels, Karen Schiff

In this paean to the pleasures of language, Gass equates his text with the body of Babs Masters, the lonesome wife of the title, to advance the conceit that a parallel should exist between a woman and her lover and a book and its reader. Disappointed by her inattentive husband/reader, Babs engages in an exuberant display of the physical charms of language to entice an illicit new lover: a man named Gelvin in one sense, but more importantly, the reader of this “essay-novella” which, in the years since its first appearance in 1968 as a supplement to TriQuarterly, has attained the status of a postmodernist classic.

Edited by Richard Henry
With Rolf Samuels, Karen Schiff
Format: Electronic book text
Rreference no.: PDFCB0001
Language: eng

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Reading Body-Books: Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife reconsiders Tristram Shandy
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Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife as Pornographic Critique
by Rolf Samuels

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