Vol. XXVIII, #3 New Writing on Writing

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • “The Esthetic Structure of the Sentence,” by William H. Gass
  • “The Subtle Genius of the Novel,” by Olivier Rolin
  • “Absolute Beginners,” by Paul West
  • “The Sutured Subject,” by Gail Scott
  • “Musing,” by Aidan Higgins
  • “Continents Kept Hidden,” by Gert Jonke
  • “The Fools of Time,” by Nicholas Delbanco
  • “From Western to Novel,” by Christine Montalbetti
  • “Onirism,” by Dumitru Tsepeneag
  • “Jean Rolin’s Explosion,” by Warren Motte
  • “After the Silence,” by Georgi Gospodinov
  • contributors
  • translators
  • dear editor
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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
Volume: 28
Issue: 3
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ISBN-13: 9781564785244
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