Vol. XX, #1 Bradford Morrow

Review of Contemporary Fiction


  • Jonathan Safran Foer, “The Proximity of Brad to Bradford: A Brief Introduction to the Lifework of Bradford Morrow.”
  • Patrick McGrath, “An Interview with Bradford Morrow.”
  • Bradford Morrow, “From Ariel.”
  • Bradford Morrow (text), Rikki Ducornet (illustrations and calligraphy), “Tale of a Tub.”
  • Brian Evenson, “Transforming the Essence: Bradford Morrow’s Come Sunday.”
  • Maureen Howard, “You’re Dancing? The Occasional Essays of Bradford Morrow.”
  • Mary Caponegro, “Amazing Grace: Tracing the Almanac’s Branchings.”
  • Kurt Jensen, “Then What. . . ?”
  • Forrest Gander, “Trinity Fields.”
  • Jonathan Safran Foer, “Imagining Giovanni’s Gift.”
  • Sven Birkerts, “In the Middle of the Journey: On the Building Site of Bradford Morrow’s Trilogy.”
  • Paul West, “Of Morrow and Tomorrow.”
  • Martin Earl, “Conjunctions: A Reader’s Appreciation.”
  • Peter Gizzi, “On the Conjunctions of Editing and Composition.”
  • Joanna Scott, “The Leaps and Bounds of Conjunctions.”
  • Robert Creeley, “Only Conjunct!”
  • Michael Bergstein, “A Roving Universe with a Constant Idea.”
  • William T. Vollmann, “Morrow’s Conjunctions: A View from Below.”
  • “A Bradford Morrow Checklist.”
  • Dear Editor
  • Books Received
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