Vol. XVII, #3 Raymond Queneau / Carole Maso

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Mary Campbell-Sposito, “CANIS MAJOR: Introducing Raymond Queneau”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “Variations for Raymond Queneau”* Raymond Queneau, “Interviews with Georges Charbonnier—No. 5″
  • Raymond Queneau, “Technique of the Novel”
  • Raymond Queneau, “From Children of Clay
  • Harry Mathews, “Charity Begins at Home”
  • Gilbert Pestureau, “The Art of the Novel in Saint Glinglin
  • Jacques Jouet, “‘Interludes’ from Raymond Queneau”
  • Claude Debon, “Queneau and Poetic Illusion”
  • Barbara Wright, “Translating Queneau”
  • Andre Blavier, “Droles de Drames”
  • Jacques Roubaud “The Birth of a Form: Elementary Morality
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Selected Translations of Queneau’s Works into English
  • Victoria Frenkel Harris, “Carole Maso: An Introduction and an Interpellated Interview”
  • Carole Maso, “Except Joy: on Aureole
  • Carole Maso, “Traveling Light from The Bay of Angels”
  • Louise DeSalvo, “‘We Will Speak and Bear Witness': Storytelling as Testimony and Healing in Ghost Dance
  • Charles B. Harris, “The Dead Fathers: The Rejection of Modernist Distance in The Art Lover
  • Victoria Frenkel Harris, “Emancipating the Proclamation: Gender and Genre in AVA”
  • Nicole Cooley, “‘There’s Not One Story That Will Change This': The American Woman in the Chinese Hat”
  • Jeffrey DeShell, “Between the Winding Sheets: The American Woman in the Chinese Hat
  • Steven Moore, “A New Language for Desire: Aureole
  • A Carole Maso Checklist
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index


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