Vol. XVII, #2 Wilson Harris / Alan Burns

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Joyce Sparer Adler, “Wilson Harris: An Introduction”
  • Wilson Harris, “Quetzalcoatl and the Smoking Mirror (Reflections on Originality and Tradition)”
  • Wilson Harris, “From Jonestown
  • Kathleen Raine, “Discovering Wilson Harris”
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “Lines Composed after Reading The Guyana Quartet
  • Pauline Melville, “Wilson Harris ‘In the Forests of the Night'”
  • Stuart Murray, “Postcoloniality/Modernity: Wilson Harris and Postcolonial Theory”
  • Timothy Cribb, “Toward the Reading of Wilson Harris”
  • Fernanda Steele, “Breaking Down Barriers as Genesis of a New Beginning in Palace of the Peacock
  • Louis James, “The Leech-Gatherer and the Arawak Woman”
  • Vera Kutzinski, “New Personalities: Race, Sexuality, and Gender in Wilson Harris’s Recent Fiction”
  • Patricia Murray, “Creative Bridges: Some Aspects of Myth in ‘Couvade’ and The Four Banks of the River of Space
  • Desmond Hamlet, “Renewal in a Far More Resonant Key: Reflections on the Mad, Sin-Eating Relics of Fire in Resurrection at Sorrow Hill
  • Hena Maes Jelinek, “Charting the Uncapturable in Wilson Harris’s Writing”
  • Mary Lou Emory, “Space Sounds in Wilson Harris’s Recent Fiction”
  • Frank Pike, “Wilson Harris at Faber and Faber”
  • Joyce Sparer Adler, “A Wilson Harris Checklist”
  • David W. Madden, “Alan Burns: An Introduction”
  • David W. Madden, “An Interview with Alan Burns”
  • Alan Burns, “Imaginary Dictionary”
  • Alan Burns, “Two Chapters from a Book Provisionally Titled ‘Human Like the Rest of Us: A Life of B. S. Johnson'”
  • John Calder, “Through That Tunnel”
  • Paddy Kitchen, “Identity and Alan Burns”
  • Ian Breakwell, “Fine Cut: Alan Burns’s Collage Prose”
  • Wilson Harris, “A Note on Alan Burns’s Fiction”
  • Charles Sugnet, “Burns’s Aleatoric Celebrations: Smashing Hegemony at the Sentence Level”
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “Right You Go, Left with Burns”
  • Michael Dennis Browne, “In His Own Alan”
  • Jay Neugeboren, “The Texture of a Life Lived”
  • Al Greenberg, “Alan Burns and the Velocity of a Dream”
  • David W. Madden, “An Alan Burns Checklist”
  • “The Bookstore in America: Borders”
  • “Reviewing, Reviewers, Authors, Publishers, and Censorship”
  • Books Received



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