Vol. XVII, #1 Mario Vargas Llosa / Joseph Skvorecky

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Dane Johnson, “Introduction: Chased by Life, Politics, Demons: Flying to Fiction”
  • Luis Rebaza-Soraluz, “Demons and Lies: Motivation and Form in Mario Vargas Llosa”
  • Mario Vargas Llosa, “The Trumpet of Deya”
  • Mario Vargas Llosa, “A Bullfight in the Andes”
  • Efrain Kristal, “Captain Pantoja and the Special Service: A Transitional Novel
  • Elizabeth Dipple, “Outside Looking In: Aunt Julia and Vargas Llosa”
  • Alex Zisman, “Out of Failure Comes Success: Autobiography and Testimony in A Fish in the Water
  • Alex Zisman, “A Mario Vargas Llosa Checklist”
  • Steve Horowitz, “Introduction: The Bittersweet Vision of Josef Skvorecky and a Selected Bibliography of Works by and about Him”
  • Sam Solecki, “The Last Decade: An Interview with Josef Skvorecky”
  • Josef Skvorecky, “Three Bachelors in a Fiery Furnace, a short story”
  • Josef Skvorecky, “Authors, Critics, Reviewers, a lecture”
  • Josef Skvorecky, “Keynote Address on Eastern European Literature in Transition”
  • Lubomir Doruzka, “A Genial Gossipmonger”
  • Mila Sakova-Pierce, “The Cowards: Josef Skvorecky and His Contributions to Czech Humorist Literature”
  • Josef Jarab, “This Thing, The Bass Saxophone, Is Anything But Ordinary”
  • Edward Galligan, “The Engineer of Human Souls: Skvorecky’s Comic Vision”
  • James Grove, “Place and Placelessness in Josef Skvorecky’s Dvorak in Love”
  • Helena Kosek, “American Themes in Skvorecky’s Work: The Bride from Texas”
  • Maria Nemcova Banerjee, “Josef Skvorecky’s Variation on American Themes: The Bride from Texas”
  • Robert L. McLaughlin, “A Josef Skvorecky Checklist”
  • Margaret Wehr, “The Culture of Everyday Venality: Or a Life in the Book Industry”
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