Vol. XVI, #3 Edmund White / Samuel R. Delany

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • David Bergman, “Introduction: Native Innocence, Alien Knowledge”
  • Edmund White, “Edmund White Speaks with Edmund White”
  • Edmund White, “Knut Hamsun”
  • Edmund White, “The Hermaphrodite”
  • Harry Mathews, “A Valentine for Elena”
  • Richard McCann, “Years Later, by the Pool: Looking Back at Edmund White’s Nocturnes for the King of Naples
  • Andrew Holleran, “States of Desire, or The Sissy’s Revenge”
  • Robert Gluck, “A Boy’s Own Story
  • Neil Bartlett, “Caracole
  • Diane Johnson, “The Midwesterner as Artist”
  • Peter Christensen, “‘A More Angular and Less Predictable Way': Epiphanies in Edmund White’s The Darker Proof
  • Felice Picano, “Edmund White and the Violet Quill Club”
  • David Bergman, “An Edmund White Checklist”
  • James Sallis, “Samuel R. Delany: An Introduction”
  • K. Leslie Steiner, “An Interview with Samuel R. Delany”
  • Samuel R. Delany, “From The Splendor and Misery of Bodies, of Cities
  • David Lunde, “Black Man/Gay Man/Writer . . . Prodigy: The Quest for Identity in Delany’s Early Work”
  • Michael Hemmingson, “In the Scorpion Garden: Hogg
  • Robert Elliot Fox, “‘This You-Shaped Hole of Insight and Fire': Meditations on Dhalgren
  • Marc Laidlaw, “Dhalgren: The City Not Yet Fallen, The Novel Still Unread”
  • Russell Blackford, “Jewels in Junk City: To Read Triton
  • Capper Nichols, “Delany’s Tales”
  • Mary Kay Bray, “To See What Condition Our Condition Is In: Trial by Language in Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
  • John Sallis, “On Wagner/Artaud
  • David N. Samuelson, “Necessary Constraints: Samuel R. Delany on Science Fiction”
  • Rebecca Cooper, “A Samuel R. Delany Checklist”
  • Jacqueline Favero, Anne-Solange Noble, John O’Brien, “French Translations and American Publishing”
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index



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