Vol. XVI, #1 The Future of Fiction

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • David Foster Wallace, “Quo Vadis—Introduction”
  • Sven Birkerts, “Second Thoughts”
  • Melvin Jules Bukiet, “Crackpot Realism: Fiction for the Forthcoming Millennium”
  • Mary Caponegro, “Impressions of a Paranoid Optimist”
  • Peter Dimock, “Literature as Lyrical Politics”
  • Jonathan Franzen, “I’ll Be Doing More of Same”
  • Janice Galloway, “Bad Times”
  • Gerald Howard, “Slouching towards Grubnet: The Author in the Age of Publicity”
  • Carole Maso, “Rupture, Verge, and Precipice/Precipice, Verge, and Hurt Not”
  • Bradford Morrow, “Rivages Roses for Niels Bohr”
  • John O’Brien, “31 Questions and Statements about the Future of Literary Publishing, Bookstores, Writers, Readers, and Other Matters”
  • Christopher Sorrentino, “Specially Marked Packages”
  • Steve Tomasula, “Three Axioms for Projecting a Line (or Why It Will Continue to Be Hard to Write a Title sans Slashes or Parentheses)”
  • William T. Vollmann, “SYSOUT=A”
  • Curtis White, “Writing the Life Postmodern”
  • Focus on Mexico
  • Rikki Ducornet, “On Returning from Chiapas: A Revery in Many Voices”
  • Books Received
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