Vol. XV, #3 Brigid Brophy / Robert Creeley / Osman Lins

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Steven Moore, “Brigid Brophy: An Introduction and Checklist”
  • Chris Hopkins, “The Neglect of Brigid Brophy”
  • Mark Axelrod, “Mozart, Moonshots, and Monkey Business in Brigid Brophy’s Hackenfeller’s Ape
  • Patricia Juliana Smith, “Desperately Seeking Susan[na]: Closeted Quests and Mozartean Gender Bending in Brigid Brophy’s The King of a Rainy Country
  • Corinne E. Blackmer, “The Finishing Touch and the Tradition of Homoerotic Girls’ School Fictions”
  • Annegret Maack, “Concordia Discors: Brigid Brophy’s In Transit”
  • Brooke Horvath, “Brigid Brophy’s It’s-All-Right-I’m-Only-Dying Comedy of Modern Manners: Notes on In Transit
  • Bernard Hoepffner, “Translating In Transit: Writing—By Proxy”
  • Patricia Lee, “Communication Breakdown and the ‘Twin Genius’ of Brophy’s In Transit
  • Peter Parker, “‘Aggressive, witty, & unrelenting': Brigid Brophy and Ronald Firbank”
  • Douglas Gunn, “Testing Language: Robert Creeley’s Fiction”
  • Bruce Comens, “Robert Creeley: In Conversation”
  • Robert Creeley, “Afterword to Die Goldgraber
  • Robert Creeley, “Homage to Turgenev”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “The Monster Come to Dinner”
  • Michael Stephens, “The Poet in Robert Creeley’s Prose”
  • Dennis Barone, “Awake the Particulars: The Prose of Robert Creeley”
  • Gene Frumkin, “Aloneness in The Gold Diggers
  • John Taggart, “Ending in Ellipsis, the Sea in Our Ears: Robert Creeley’s The Island
  • Charles Bernstein, “Creeley’s Eye and the Fiction of the Self”
  • Douglas Gunn, “Inappropriate Literary Performances: The Unstable Texts of Robert Creeley’s Mabel: A Story, and Other Prose
  • “Robert Creeley’s Fiction: A Checklist”
  • Adria Frizzi, “Osman Lins: An Introduction”
  • Edla Van Steen, “An Interview with Osman Lins”
  • Osman Lins, “Of Idealism and Glory”
  • Osman Lins, “From The Head Carried in Triumph
  • Julieta de Godoy Ladeira, “Osman Lins: Crossing Frontiers”
  • Moacyr Scliar, “Living on Literature or for Literature?”
  • Benedito Nunes, “Narration in Many Voices”
  • Ana Luiza Andrade, “Nine, Novena’s Novelty”
  • Paul West, “Osman Lins’s Avalovara
  • Jose Paulo Paes, “The World without Quotation Marks: A Gloss of the Gloss”
  • Raul Antelo, “The Prison-House of Language according to Osman Lins”
  • “An Osman Lins Checklist”
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index


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