Vol. XIX, #1 Edward Sanders

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Brooke Horvath, “Introducing Edward Sanders”
  • Barry Miles, “An Interview with Ed Sanders—1 October 1968″
  • Brooke Horvath, “Edward Sanders on His Fiction: An Interview”
  • Edward Sanders, “From Tales of Beatnik Glory, Volume 3: The Psychedelicatessin”
  • Ann Charters, “Marching with the Fugs”
  • Barry Wallenstein, “Mr. Ed Sanders”
  • Tom Clark, “Ed Sanders and Black Sparrow Press”
  • Regina Weinreich, “Ed Sanders: The Un-Fuzzy Fug”
  • Robert Creeley, “Tell the Story”
  • Kasia Boddy, “Shards of God: An Epinician to the Heroes of the Peace swarm”
  • Thomas Myers, “Rerunning the Creepy-Crawl: Ed Sanders and Charles Manson”
  • Lance Olsen, “Divining the Avant-Pop Afterburn: Fame & Love in New York
  • Joseph Dewey, “Helter Shelter: Strategic Interment in Tales of Beatnik Glory
  • M. L. Liebler, “A Terrible Beauty is Born: Edward Sanders, the Techniques of Investigative Writing, and 1968″
  • David Herd, “‘After All What Else Is There to Say?’ Ed Sanders and the Beat Aesthetic”
  • Brooke Horvath, “An Edward Sanders Checklist”
  • Dear Editor
  • Books Received


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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
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