Vol. XIV, #3 Angela Carter / Tadeusz Konwicki

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Joanne M. Gass, “Angela Carter: An Introduction”
  • Robert Coover, “A Passionate Remembrance”
  • Anna Katsavos, “An Interview with Angela Carter”
  • Nanette Altevers, “Gender Matters in The Sadeian Woman
  • Patricia Juliana Smith, “All You Need Is Love: Angela Carter’s Novel of Sixties Sex and Sensibility”
  • Mary Kaiser, “Fairy Tale as Sexual Allegory: Intertextuality in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber
  • Rikki Ducornet, “A Scatological and Cannibal Clock: Angela Carter’s ‘The Fall River Axe Murders'”
  • Heather Johnson, “Textualizing the Double-Gendered Body: Forms of the Grotesque in The Passion of New Eve
  • Harriet Blodgett, “Fresh Iconography: Subversive Fantasy by Angela Carter”
  • Cornel Bonca, “In Despair of the Old Adams: Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman
  • Peter Christensen, “The Hoffman Connection: Demystification in Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman“* Joanne M. Gass, “Panopticism in Nights at the Circus

    * Michael Hardin, “The Other Other: Self-Definition Outside Patriarchal Institutions in Angela Carter’s Wise Children

  • Beth A. Boehm, “Wise Children: Angela Carter’s Swan Song”
  • Scott Bradfield, “Remembering Angela Carter”
  • Joanne M. Gass, “An Angela Carter Bibliography”
  • Dorota Sobieska, “Tadeusz Konwicki: An Introduction”
  • Dorota Sobieska, “‘Everything comes from what I said at the beginning, from this territory': An Interview with Tadeusz Konwicki”
  • Tadeusz Konwicki, “From The Calendar and the Hourglass
  • Gary Gildner, “I am Invited to Write about Konwicki”
  • Edward Mozejko, “Beyond Ideology: The Prose of Tadeusz Konwicki”
  • Tadeusz Konwicki, “Where the Marshes Are: Romantic Mediumism in the Novels of Tadeusz Konwicki”
  • Addison Bross, “Tadeusz Konwicki’s A Dreambook for Our Time: A Polish Classic”
  • Thomas Meyers, “Training the Memory: Dystopian History in Konwicki’s A Minor Apocalypse
  • Stanislaw Beres, “Bohin Manor: Romance with Nothingness”
  • Thomas Meyers, “A Note on Konwicki’s Filmmaking”
  • Dorota Sobieska, “A Tadeusz Konwicki Checklist”
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index


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