Vol. XIV, #1 Paul Auster / Danilo Kis

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Allan Gurganus, “How Do You Introduce Paul Auster in Three Minutes?”
  • Paul Auster, “From Mr. Vertigo
  • Curtis White, “The Auster Instance: A Ficto-Biography”
  • Mary Ann Caws, “Paul Auster: The Invention of Solitude
  • Dennis Barone, “Auster’s Memory”
  • Robert Creeley, “Austerities”
  • Charles Baxter, “The Bureau of Missing Persons: Notes on Paul Auster’s Fiction”
  • Mark Rudman, “Paul Auster: Some ‘Elective Affinities'”
  • Chris Tysh, “From One Mirror to Another: The Rhetoric of Disaffiliation in City of Glass
  • Barry Lewis, “The Strange Case of Paul Auster”
  • Katharine Washburn, “A Book at the End of the World: Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things
  • Sven Birkerts, “Reality, Fiction, and In the Country of Last Things
  • Steven Weisenburger, “Inside Moon Palace
  • Mark Irwin, “Inventing the Music of Chance”
  • Paul Bray, “The Currents of Fate and The Music of Chance
  • Mark Osteen, “Phantoms of Liberty: The Secret Lives of Leviathan
  • Gerald Howard, “Publishing Paul Auster”
  • Books by Paul Auster
  • Brooke Horvath, “Danilo Kis: An Introduction”
  • Brendan Lemon, “An Interview with Danilo Kis”
  • Danilo Kis, “Autobiographical Sketch (Short Autobiography)”
  • Danilo Kis, “Journey, or Conversation”
  • Danilo Kis, “Garbage Heap (from papers left behind)”
  • Danilo Kis, “Three Essays”
  • Daniel W. Ross, “The Text You Read (and Write) May Be Your Own: The Family Romance in Danilo Kis’s Garden, Ashes
  • Karen Rosenberg, “Kis’s Hourglass and the Scene of Writing”
  • Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover, “Hourglass as the Scene of Writing”
  • Branko Gorjup, “Textualizing the Past: The Function of Memory and History in Kis’s Fiction”
  • Vasa D. Mihailovich, “Faction or Fiction in A Tomb for Boris Davidovich: The Literary Affair”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Danilo Kis in Buenos Aires”
  • Jonathan Brent, “The Unimaginable Space of Danilo Kis and Don DeLillo”
  • Michael Pinker, “‘Do You Get It Now?': Humorous Dispositions in Danilo Kis and Tadeusz Konwicki”
  • Dragan Klaic, “Danilo Kis: The Theatrical Connection”
  • Books by Danilo Kis
  • Books Received
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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
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