Vol. XIII, #3 Djuna Barnes

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Nancy J. Levine and Marian Urquilla, “Introduction”
  • Djuna Barnes, “Behind the Heart”
  • Mary Lynn Broe, “‘A love from back of the heart': The Story Djuna Wrote for Charles Henri”
  • Donna Gerstenberger, “Modern (Post) Modern: Djuna Barnes among the Others”
  • Bonnie Kime Scott, “Barnes Being ‘Beast Familiar': Representation on the Margin of Modernism”
  • Frann Michel, “‘I just loved Thelma': Djuna Barnes and the Construction of Bisexuality”
  • Lissa Schneider, “‘This mysterious and migratory jewelry': Satire and the Feminine in Djuna Barnes’s ‘The Terrorists'”
  • Barbara Green, “Spectacular Confessions: ‘How It Feels to Be Forcibly Fed'”
  • Kathryn R. Kent, “‘Lullaby for a Lady': Lesbian Identity in Ladies Almanack
  • Sheryl Stevenson, “Ryder as Contraception: Barnes v. the Reproduction of Mothering”
  • Phillip Herring, “Zadel Barnes: Journalist”
  • Anne B. Dalton, “‘This is obscene': Female Voyeurism, Sexual Abuse, and Maternal Power in The Dove
  • Peter Mailloux, “Djuna Barnes’s Mystery in Morocco: Making the Most of Little”
  • Cheryl Plumb, “Revising Nightwood: ‘a kind of glee of despair'”
  • Meryl Altman, “A Book of Repulsive Jews?: Rereading Nightwood
  • Karen Kaivola, “The ‘beast turning human': Constructions of the ‘Primitive’ in Nightwood
  • Nancy J. Levine, “Works in Progress: The Uncollected Poetry of Barnes’s Patchin Place Period”
  • Jamie Stevens, “Djuna Barnes: An Updated Bibliography”
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index 
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