Vol. XIII, #2 W. T. Vollmann / D. F. Wallace / Susan Daitch

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Preface
  • A Checklist of Books by William T. Vollmann, Susan Daitch, and David Foster Wallace
  • William T. Vollmann, “Something to Die For”
  • William T. Vollmann, “From The Rifles
  • Madison Smartt Bell, “Where an Author Might Be Standing”
  • Mark Laidlaw, “Suicide Notes on William T. Vollmann’s You Bright and Risen Angels
  • Carlton Smith, “Arctic Revelations: Vollmann’s Rifles and the Frozen Landscape of the Self”
  • Robert Kelly, “Notes toward Four Meditations on W. T. Vollmann”
  • Katherine Speilmann, “The Book as Apparatus: William Vollmann’s Special Editions”
  • Susan Daitch, “From Eye of the Moon: Train-Eating Sun Blinded by Eclipse”
  • Leslie Camhi, “Uncertain Physiognomies: Susan Daitch’s L.C.
  • William Anthony Nericcio, “Rend[er]ing L.C.: Susan Daitch Meets Borges & Borges, Delacroix, Marx, Derrida, Daumier, and Other Textualized Bodies”
  • Esther Allen, “Sentimental Educations”
  • Richard Katrovas, “Into the Heart of Things: Passion and Perception in Susan Daitch’s The Colorist
  • David Foster Wallace, “E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction”
  • David Foster Wallace, “From Infinite Jest
  • Lance Olsen, “Termite Art, or Wallace’s Wittgenstein”
  • James Rother, “Reading and Riding the Post-Scientific Wave: The Shorter Fiction of David Foster Wallace”
  • Mark Costello, “Fighting to Write: A Short Reminiscence of D. F. Wallace”
  • Books Received
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