Vol. XIII, #1 Georges Perec / Felipe Alfau

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Harry Mathews, “Back to Basics”
  • David Bellos, “The Old and the New: An Introduction to Georges Perec”
  • Marcel Benabou and Bruno Marcenac, “Georges Perec Owns Up”
  • Georges Perec, “Statement of Intent”
  • Georges Perec and Kaye Mortley, “The Doing of Fiction”
  • Georges Perec, “81 Easy-Cook Recipes for Beginners”
  • Georges Perec, “From ‘53 Days‘”
  • Andrew Leak, “Phago-citations: Barthes, Perec, and the Transformation of Literature”
  • Marcel Benabou, “Perec’s Jewishness”
  • Phillippe Lejeune, “W or other Memory of Childhood
  • Gilbert Adair, “The Eleventh Day”: Perec and the Infra-ordinary”
  • Jacques Roubaud, “The Transition from W to M in Life A User’s Manual
  • Bernard Magne, “Transformations of Constraint”
  • Patrizia Molteni, “Perec’s Painterly Eye”
  • Davis Bellos, “Appendix: Perec in English; Perec’s Titles; Secondary Sources in English”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Felipe Alfau: Curriculum Vitae”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Anonymity: An Interview with Felipe Alfau”
  • Felipe Alfau, “Three Old Tales from Spain”
  • Carmen Martin Gaite, “The Triumph of the Exception”
  • Toby Talbot, “The Return of the Native”
  • Charles Simmons, “From Powdered Eggs
  • Chandler Brossard, “Two or Three Things I Know about Him”
  • Doris Shapiro, “Hildago Redeemed”
  • Anna Shapiro, “Sixty-one Years of Solitude”
  • Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, “Aliens, Aliases, and Alibis: Alfau’s Locos as a Metaphysical Detective Story”
  • Franco Zangrilli, “Pirandello and Alfau”
  • Gregory Rabassa, “The Power of Chromos
  • Antonio Candau, “Literature is Corny: The cursi and Felipe Alfau’s Chromos
  • Peter Christensen, “Truth or Temptation? Don Pedro’s Refutation of Time in Chromos
  • Paul West, “Felipe Alfau and the NBA”
  • Steven Moore, “Recalled to Life”
  • Steven Moore and Ilan Stavans, “Felipe Alfau: A Bibliography”
  • Books Received

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