Vol. XII, #2 Jose Donoso / Jerome Charyn

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat, “Jose Donoso: An Introduction and Checklist”
  • Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat, “Beginnings and Returns: An Interview with Jose Donoso”
  • Jose Donoso, “A Small Biography of The Obscene Bird of Night
  • Jose Donoso, “Nobody Wears Fedoras Anymore”
  • Marco Antonio de la Parra, “Portrait of a Donoso Apprentice”
  • Alastair Reid, “Meta-Donoso”
  • Antonio Benitez Rojo, “The Obscene Bird of Night as a Spiritual Exercise”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “From Manuela to the Marchioness the Writer Moves on Guarded (or not) by the Dogs of Desire”
  • Djelal Kadir, “Next Door: Writing Elsewhere”
  • Marjorie Agosin, “The Poems of Jose Donoso”
  • Fernando Alegria, “Good-bye to Metaphor: Curfew
  • Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier, “A Dialogue in Three Voices: An Interview with Maria Pilar Donoso”


  • Patrick O’Donnell, “An Introduction to the Fiction of Jerome Charyn”
  • Frederic Tuten, “An Interview with Jerome Charyn”Parkview
  • Albert J. Guerard, “Charyn’s Azazian Prose”
  • Michael Woolf, “Charyn in the 1960s: Among the Jews”
  • David Seed, “Performance, Play, and the Open Form in Going to Jerusalem and The Tar Baby
  • David W. Madden, “The Isaac Quintet: Jerome Charyn’s Metaphysics of Law and Disorder”
  • Robert L. Patten, “Waltzing with Witches”
  • A Jerome Charyn Checklist
  • Jerome Charyn, “Ma petite reine nazie”
  • Jerome Charyn, “Three Critical Notes”
  • Stanley Elkin, “On Jerome Charyn”
  • Joan Elkin, “
  • Edouard Roditi, “The Fiction of James Bowles as a Form of Self-Expression”
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