Vol. XI, #3 William H. Gass / Manuel Puig

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Arthur M. Saltzman, “Where Words Dwell Adored: An Introduction to William Gass”
  • Arthur M. Saltzman, “Language and Conscience: An Interview with William Gass”
  • William H. Gass, “Simplicities”
  • William H. Gass, “Sweets”
  • Arthur M. Saltzman, “William H. Gass: Selected Correspondence”
  • Philip Stevick, “William Gass and the Real World”
  • Lucy Wilson, “Alternatives to Transcendence in William Gass’s Short Fiction”
  • Kevin J. H. Dettmar, “‘yung and easily freudened': William Gass’s The Pedersen Kid'”
  • Melanie Eckford-Prossor, “Layered Apparitions: Philosophy and ‘The Pedersen Kid'”
  • Richard J. Schneider, “Rejecting the Stone: William Gass and Emersonian Transcendence”
  • Reginald Dyck, “William Gass: A ‘Purified Modernist’ in a Postmodern World”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Kafka, Cortazar, Gass”
  • Heide Ziegler, “On Translating ‘The Sunday Drive'”
  • Arthur M. Saltzman, “A William H. Gass Checklist”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Good-Bye to M. P.”
  • Jorgelina Corbatta, “Brief Encounter: An Interview with Manuel Puig”
  • Manuel Puig, “Vivaldi: A Screenplay”
  • Guillermo Cabrera Infante, “In a Pampas of Dreams”
  • Juan Goytisolo, “On Being Morally Correct”
  • Suzanne Jill Levine, “Manuel Puig Exits Laughing”
  • Pamela Bacarisse, “Manuel Puig and the Uses of Culture”
  • Shari A. Zimmerman, “Manuel Puig and the Critique of Authority”
  • Lucille Kerr, “In the Presence of the Author”
  • Roberto Echavarren, “Manuel Puig: Contra Borges”
  • Brian Conniff, “The Learned Executioner and the Chick from Suburbia: Kiss of the Spider Woman as Prison Literature”
  • Jorgelina Corbatta, “A Glimpse of the Fantastic in Puig”
  • Steven DuPouy, “Brazilian Nights, Argentine Voices: Tropical Night Falling
  • Elias Miguel Munoz, “Show and Tell: Notes on Puig’s Theater”
  • Books by Manuel Puig
  • Paul West, “Deep-Sixed into the Atlantic”
  • Letters
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index


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