Vol. XI, #1 Alexander Theroux / Paul West

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Steven Moore, “Alexander Theroux: An Introduction”
  • Steven Moore, “An Interview with Alexander Theroux”
  • Alexander Theroux, “The Detours of Art”
  • Alexander Theroux, “A Note on the Type”
  • Martin C. Battestin, “Alexander Theroux in Virginia and London, 1964-1973″
  • A Letter from Annie Dillard
  • Marc Chenetier, “‘A Prose of Figuring, a Prose of Hate': Figuring with a Vengeance. A Mortlock’s View of Alexander Theroux’s Darconville’s Cat
  • William O’Rourke, “The Causes of Immoral Conceptions”
  • Michael Pinker, “The Rhetoric of Disintegration: Alexander Theroux’s An Adultery
  • Thomas Filbin, “The Duelist’s Second”
  • Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson, “Alexander Theroux: The View from England”
  • Steven Moore, “Alexander Theroux: A Bibliography”
  • David W. Madden, “Paul West: An Introduction”
  • David W. Madden, “An Interview with Paul West”
  • Paul West, “Night 1002: When It All Goes Down”
  • Paul West, “Banquotha (a first draft)”
  • Paul West, “Some People Not in Portable People
  • Diane Ackerman, “Paul Begins a New Novel”
  • Robert Lima, “Words of Power: Openings to the Universe of Paul West”
  • Ivor S. Irwin, “Paul West’s Alley Jaggers: Escaping the Trap of British Proletarian Fiction”
  • Lore Segal, “Words for a Deaf Daughter
  • Christopher S. Schreiner, “Of Involutes, a Rat, and Hugh’s Guitar”
  • William B. Millard, “‘The Lightning-rod Man,’ Metavision, and an Aesthetic of Singularity”
  • Philip Young, “‘Stauff'”
  • Joseph Pestino, “Macrocosm and Microcosm Relations Rethought: Paul West’s Out of My Depths
  • Patricia Tobin, “Paul West: Sedentary Nomad, Suitcase Star”
  • William Mooney, “Those Pearls His Eyes: Paul West’s Blind Monologuists and Deaf Auditors”
  • David Bosworth, “Being and Becoming: The Canvas of Paul West’s Work”
  • Alphonso Lingis, “From under Dismembered Bodies”
  • Charles Mann, “The Man Who Breaks Typewriters”
  • Books by Paul West
  • Books Received


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