Vol. X, #1 Joseph McElroy

Review of Contemporary Fiction
Introduction by Stanley Elkin
With Joseph McElroy
  • Stanley Elkin, “Joe McElroy Introduction”
  • Joseph McElroy, “Midcourse Corrections”
  • Joseph McElroy, “Canoe Repair”
  • Kathryn Kramer, “Dr. McElroy, Homeopath: What One Goes to Him For”
  • Joseph Tabbi, “‘The Generous Paranoia of Those Who Pursue Themselves': McElroy, Mailer, and Ancient History
  • John Johnston, “‘The Dimensionless Space Between': Narrative Immanence in Joseph McElroy’s Lookout Cartridge
  • Gregor Campbell, “Processing Lookout Cartridge
  • Robert Buckeye, Lookout Cartridge: Plans, Maps, Programs, Designs, Outlines”
  • Brian Stonehill, “Intimations of Human Divinity in Joseph McElroy’s Lookout Cartridge
  • Piotr Siemoin, “Chasing the Cartridge: On Translating McElroy”
  • Pamela White Hadas, “Green Thoughts on Being in Charge: Discovering Joseph McElroy’s Plus
  • Joan Richardson, “Metaphor Master”
  • Alicia M. Miller, “Power and Perception in Plus
  • Frederick R. Karl, “Women and Men: More Than a Novel”
  • Harry Mathews, “We for One: An Introduction to Joseph McElroy’s Women and Men
  • Brian McHale, “Women and Men and Angels: On Joseph McElroy’s Fiction”
  • Gene Frumkin, “A Reader’s Voice: Inside Women and Men”
  • Tom LeClair, “Opening up Joseph McElroy’s The Letter Left to Me
  • Sandra Schor, “The Letter Left to Me
  • Bette Ann Moskowitz, “The Letter Left to Me by The Letter Left to Me
  • Stephen S. Hall, “Transcendental Meteorology and Umbrella Days: A Fan’s Notes”
  • Steven Moore, “Joseph McElroy: A Bibliography”
  • Alan D. Bostick, “Thomas Bernhard: An Appreciation on the Occasion of His Death”
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Introduction by Stanley Elkin
With Joseph McElroy
Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
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