Vol. VIII, #3 The Novelist as Critic

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • George Garrett, “‘Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More': The Publishing Scene and American Literary Art”
  • John Barth, “Postmodernism Revisited”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “Writing and Writers: Disjecta Membra
  • David Foster Wallace, “Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young”
  • Claude Ollier, “Conflictual Inscriptions”
  • Christine Brooke-Rose, “Ill Locutions”
  • Robert Creeley, “Thinking of You”
  • Harry Mathews, “Notes on the Threshold of a Book”
  • Harry Mathews, “Les Marveilleux Nuages”
  • Robert Kelly, “Poundian Romance: Investigating Thomas McEvilley’s Novel, North of Yesterday
  • Keith Abbott, “Shadows and Marble: Richard Brautigan”
  • Paul West, “Inspector Javert’s Moment of Pure Aeschylus”
  • James McCourt, “Strange Attractions: Exaltation and Calculation in the Poetry of James Schuyler”
  • Thomas McGonigle, “Reactionary”
  • Mary McCarthy, “Felipe Alfau’s Locos
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index
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