Vol. VIII, #2 Claude Ollier / Carlos Fuentes

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Cecile Lindsay, “Claude Ollier Today: An Introduction”
  • Cecile Lindsay, “Claude Ollier: A Bibliography”
  • Cecile Lindsay, “Interview with Claude Ollier”
  • Claude Ollier, “French Version”
  • Claude Ollier, “from Mon Double a Malacca
  • Claude Ollier, “from Marrakch Medine
  • Paul Louis Rossi, “The Shadow of a Doubt”
  • Cecile Lindsay, “Child’s Play: Le Jeu d’enfant and Beyond”
  • Leon S. Roudiez, “Concealed Production in Ollier’s First Novel”
  • Robin Knee, “Microstructural Intertextuality: Solving Claude Ollier’s Enigma
  • Jean-Claude Montel, “Enigma: Or the Double Simulacrum”
  • Christian Rosset, “‘Our Music,’ Ten Years After”
  • Sjef Houppermans, “The Figure in Le Jeu d’enfant
  • Philippe Boyer, “Topographies”
  • Abdelkehi Khatibi, “Traces of a Trauma: on Marrakch medine
  • Abdellatif Laabi, “Claude Ollier and the Death of ‘The Orient’ in Marrakch medine
  • Philippe de la Genardiere, “The Lesson of the Incipits”
  • Abdelwahab Meddeb, “An Unreadable Story (Une Histoire illisible): In the Name of the Third Person”
  • Ingrid Axmann, “Cahiers d’ecolier and Ollier’s Fiction”
  • Anna Otten, “Claude Ollier’s Heterogeneous Linguistic Topography of Polymorphic Experience”
  • Gerhard Goebel-Schilling, “The Theater of Claude Ollier”
  • Debra A. Castillo, “Fuentes in Action: An Introduction”
  • Sandra L. Dunn, “Carlos Fuentes: A Bibliography”
  • Debra A. Castillo, “Travails with Time: An Interview with Carlos Fuentes”
  • Carlos Fuentes, “Mother and Doctor”
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Carlos Fuentes: Good Twice Over”
  • Margaret Sayers Peden, “A Translator’s Recollections”
  • Octavio Paz, “The Question of Carlos Fuentes”
  • Janet Perez, “The Triple Lunar Goddess in Aura and ‘In a Flemish Garden'”
  • Santiago Tejerina-Canal, “Point of View in The Death of Artemio Cruz: Singularity or Multiplicity?”
  • Marc Nacht, “Carlos Fuentes and Malintzin’s Mirror”
  • George Gordon Wing, “A Gallery of Women in Carlos Fuentes’s Cantar de ciegos
  • M. E. de Valdes, “Fuentes on Mexican Feminophobia”
  • William Kennedy, “Carlos Fuentes: Dreaming of History”
  • Guy Davenport, “Distant Relations: A Conjunction of Opposites”
  • Jonathan Tittler, “Gringo viejo/The Old Gringo: ‘The Rest Is Fiction'”
  • Lois Parkinson Zamora, “Magic Realism and Fantastic History: Carlos Fuentes’s Terra Nostra and Giambattista Vico’s The New Science
  • Carl Gutierrez, “Provisional Historicity: Reading through Terra Nostra
  • Milan Kundera, “Esch Is Luther”
  • Wendy B. Faris, “Desire and Power, Lover and Revolution: Carlos Fuentes and Milan Kundera”
  • Julio Ortega, “Christopher Unborn: Rage and Laughter”
  • John C. Ackers, “The Generation of Spanish Novelists after Franco”
  • Renee A. Kingcaid, “After the Nouveau Roman: Some New Names in French Fiction”
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