Vol. VIII, #1 Arno Schmidt

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • F. P. Ott, “Guest Editor’s Note”
  • Klaus T. Hofmann, “A Guest in the Cave of Books: A Conversation in Arno Schmidt’s Library on 17 October 1977″
  • John E. Woods, “On Translating the Unconventional Prose of Arno Schmidt”
  • Arno Schmidt, “from A Heart of Stone: Historical Novel from the Year 1954
  • Arno Schmidt, “Great Cain”
  • Arno Schmidt, “Tall Grete”
  • Arno Schmidt, “Calculations (I-III)”
  • Robert Weninger, “Why Were They Saying Such Terrible Things About Arno Schmidt?”
  • Keith Bullivant, “Arno Schmidt: The German Context”
  • Anthony Phelan, “‘Bestandige Schnoddrigkeiten’ Arno Schmidt and the Human Voice”
  • Ulrich Goerdten, “Narrative Technique in the Kuhe in Halbtrauer Stories”
  • Ernst-Dieter Steinwender, “‘And back. And forth': Arno Schmidt’s Story ‘Great Cain’ as a Dream Text”
  • Ernst Krawehl, “Some Preliminary Remarks Concerning the Presentation of Page 636 of Zettels Traum
  • Horst Denkler, “‘Pleasurable=Profitable Playfulness': On the Relationship between the Work of Art and the Art of Reading in the Late Works of Arno Schmidt”
  • Kurt Jauslin, “Olmer’s Method: Producing the ‘EG’—Figures of the Readymade Unconscious in Evening Edged in Gold
  • Susanne Kretzer, “Mystifictional Traces”
  • Julian Rios, “Moments from the Work of a Faun: Basic Schmidt for Foreigners”
  • David Hayman, “Schmidt/Joyce: A Case of Possession”
  • Stefan Gradmann, “Schmidt/Joyce: Anatomy of a Misunderstanding”
  • Thomas S. Hansen, “Arno Schmidt’s Reception of Edgar Allan Poe: Or, The Domain of Arn(o)heim”
  • F. P. Ott, “Arno Schmidt: A Select Bibliography”
  • Books Received
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