Vol. VII, #3 Harry Mathews

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Harry Mathews, “Self-Portrait (1985)”
  • Harry Mathews, “For Prizewinners”
  • John Ash, “A Conversation with Harry Mathews”
  • Harry Mathews, “From Harry Mathews’s Notebook”
  • John Ashbery, “John Ashbery Interviewing Harry Mathews”
  • Harry Mathews, “Owen and Phoebe: II 1962-1963″
  • Edmund White, “Their Masks, Their Lives—Harry Mathews’s Cigarettes
  • Georges Perec, “Avez-Vous Lu Harry Mathews?”
  • Joseph McElroy, “Harry Mathews’s Fiction: A Map of Masks”
  • Warren F. Motte, Jr., “Permutational Mathews”
  • Tomasz Mirkowicz, “Harry Mathews’s The Conversions: In the Net of the Goddess”
  • Kenneth Koch, “About Harry Mathews’s Fiction”
  • W. C. Bamberger, “From ‘A Place Apart'”
  • Barbara Guest, “Tlooth
  • Frederick Ted Castle, “Lies Like Truth—The Art of Harry Mathews”
  • Barrett Watten, “Harry Mathews: An Experiment in Presence”
  • Welch D. Everman, “Harry Mathews’s Selected Declarations of Dependence: Proverbs and the Forms of Authority”
  • Eric Mottram, “‘Eleusions Truths': Harry Mathews’s Strategies and Games”
  • Keith Cohen, “The Labors of the Signifier”
  • Hubert Damisch, “The Genius of Friendship”
  • Jacques Jouet, “A brief note concerning the impossibility of preparing the ‘Single Word Dictionary’ that was thought useful for a considered reading of the works of Harry Mathews”
  • William McPheron, “Harry Mathews: A Checklist”
  • John Kuehl and Linda Kandel Kuehl, “The Achievement of Coleman Dowell: A Bibliographic Essay”
  • Nicholas J. Meyerhofer, “Lesser-Known Contemporary German Authors”
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index


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