Vol. VII, #1 Chandler Brossard

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Chandler Brossard, “Tentative Visits to the Cemetery: Reflections on My Beat Generation”
  • Chandler Brossard, “from Come Out with Your Hands Up!
  • Steven Moore, “An Interview with Chandler Brossard”
  • Steven Moore, “Chandler Brossard: An Introduction and Checklist”
  • Seymour Krim, “Chandler, WWD, And, Inevitably, Hopefully Not Intrusively, Me”
  • John Bowers, “My Chandler Brossard”
  • William Crawford Woods, “The ‘Passed’ White Negro: Brossard and Mailer at the Roots of Hip”
  • Con Holland-Skinner, “Chandler Brossard—A View from England”
  • Joyce Engelson, “Publishing Big Chan: A Sort of Valentine”
  • Alexis Lykiard, “The Bright Wonderful Surface”
  • Edgar Z. Friedenberg, “The Bold Saboteurs
  • Mandy Keifetz, “Of Oatmeal Cookies and Brossard”
  • Norman Keifetz, “The Labors of Yogi”
  • Jay Landesman, “Notes on Chandler Brossard as Playwright”
  • James R. Lindroth, “The Masked Centaur: Cultural Ambivalence in The Double View
  • Jerry H. Bryant, “Chandler Brossard, Cynic”
  • Barbara Probst Solomon, “The Spanish Scene
  • S. Ramnath, “Chandler Brossard: A Critical Study of Dirty Books for Little Folks
  • John Coyne, “Dirty Books”
  • William Levy, “The Abuses of Enchantment”
  • Philip D. Beidler, “Raging Joys, Sublime Violations: The Vietnam War in the Fiction of Chandler Brossard”
  • Books Received

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