Vol. VI, #3 Luisa Valenzuela

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Books by Luisa Valenzuela
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “‘My Extraordinary Ph.D.’ (from Cat-O-Nine Deaths)”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “Dangerous Words”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “Dirty Words”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “In Search of My Own Backyard”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “Little Manifesto”
  • Luisa Valenzuela, “from The Motive: A Novel-in-Progress”
  • Evelyn Picon Garfield, “Interview with Luisa Valenzuela”
  • Ana M. Fores, “Valenzuela’s Cat-O-Nine Deaths
  • Diane Marting, “Female Sexuality in Selected Short Stories by Luisa Valenzuela: Toward and Ontology of Her Work”
  • Emily Hicks, “That Which Resists: The Code of the Real in Luisa Valenzuela’s He Who Searches
  • Margo Glantz, “Luisa Valenzuela’s He Who Searches
  • Guillermo Maci, “The Symbolic, the Imaginary and the Real in Luisa Valenzuela’s He Who Searches
  • Helena Araujo, “Valenzuela’s Other Weapons
  • Marta Morello-Frosch, “‘Other Weapons': When Metaphors Become Real”
  • Dorothy S. Mull, “Ritual Transformation in Luisa Valenzuela’s ‘Rituals of Rejection'”
  • Sharon Magnarelli, “The Lizard’s Tail: Discourse Denatured”
  • Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier, “The Sorcerer and Luisa Valenzuela: Double Narrators of the Novel/Biography, Myth/History”
  • Zulma Nelly Martinez, “Luisa Valenzuela’s ‘Where the Eagles Dwell': From Fragmentation to Holism”
  • Robert Edgeworth, “Van Vogt’s Use of Suetonius”
  • Books Received
  • Contributors
  • Annual Index
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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
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