Vol. VI, #2 Italo Calvino

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • “English Editions of Italo Calvino’s Fiction”
  • Harry Mathews, “La Camera Ardente”
  • Jerry A. Varsava, “Calvino’s Combinative Aesthetics: Theory and Practice”
  • Sorel Thompson Friedman, “t zero: Italo Calvino’s Minimalist Narratives”
  • John Earl Joseph, “Man, History, Subject, Object: Calvino in Crisis”
  • Franco Ricci, “The Recovery of Mnemonic Meaning in L’entrata in guerra

    * Franco La Polla, “A Note on Marcovaldo

  • Jack Byrne, “Calvino’s Fantastic ‘Ancestors': The Viscount, the Baron and the Knight”
  • Francesco Guardiani, “Optimism without Illusions”
  • Michael Stephens, “Italo Calvino: A Woman, a Moon, the City”
  • Kathryn Hume, “Calvino’s Framed Narrations: Writers, Readers, and Reality”
  • Warren F. Motte, Jr. “Calvino’s Combinatorics”
  • Carol P. James, “The Fragmentation of Allegory in Calvino’s Invisible Cities
  • Laura Marello, “Form and Formula in Calvino’s Invisible Cities
  • Geoffrey Green, “Ghosts and Shadows: Reading and Writing in Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler
  • Carl D. Malmgren, “Romancing the Reader: Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler
  • Marshall C. Olds, “Another Book, Another Author: Calvino, Flaubert, Mallarme”
  • Ian Rankin, “The Role of the Reader in Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler
  • Constance Pierce, “Calvino on Photography”
  • Gregorio Scalise, “The Game of Palomar”
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