Vol. V, #3 Charles Bukowski / Michel Butor

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Ernest Fontana, “Bukowski’s Ham on Rye and the Los Angeles Novel”
  • Jimmie E. Cain, Jr., “Women: The Siren Calls of Boredom”
  • Jack Saunders, “Writing the Great American Novel on the PC”
  • Keith Abbott, “Some Tough Acts to Follow”
  • Gerald Locklin, “Setting Free the Buk”
  • David Glover, “A Day at the Races: Gambling and Luck in Bukowski’s Fiction”
  • Gerald Locklin, “Bukowski’s War All the Time and Horses Don’t Bet on People & Neither Do I
  • Thomas McGonigle, “A Bottle Stain”
  • Loss Glazier, “Mirror of Ourselves: Notes on Bukowski’s Post Office
  • Jack Byrne, “Bukowski’s Chinaski: Playing Post Office”
  • Norman Weinstein, “South of No North: Bukowski in Deadly Ernest”
  • Julian Smith, “Charles Bukowski and the Avant-Garde”
  • Stephen Kessler, “Notes on a Dirty Old Man”
  • Michel Butor, “On Flaubert’s Bouvard and Pécuchet
  • Michel Butor, “The Bagatelles of Theleme”
  • Michel Butor, “Smoke Signals”
  • Michel Butor, “Reminiscences du Corbeau”
  • Michel Butor, “The Raven’s Reminiscences”
  • Anna Otten, “Interview with Michel Butor: The Writer As Janus”
  • Alastair Duncan, “Baudelaire in Butor’s Passing Time
  • Angus A. Inglis, “The Application and Development of Michel Butor’s Collage Principle in Illustrations IV
  • Jean-Claude Montel, “Mobile: America, The Novel”
  • Mary Beth Pringle, “Butor’s Room without a View: The Train Compartment in La Modification
  • Jennifer Waelti-Walters, “Butor: The Writer as Don Juan”
  • Barbara Mason, “Expanding Fictions: Butor’s Intervalle”
  • F.C. St. Aubyn, “Michel Butor and the Role of Poetry in Prose”
  • Paul Metcalf, “Mobile”
  • Lois Oppenheim, “Situating Butor on the Horizon of Contemporary Critical Perspectives”
  • Robin Knee, “Michel Butor’s Passage de Milan: The Numbers Game”
  • Jean-Claude Vareille, “Michel Butor: Synthesis or Dilemma?”
  • Martine Debaisieux, “Dreaming the ‘Baroque Nile': In the Wake of Butor’s Aesthetics”
  • Andre Helbo, “Michel Butor: Between the Crowd and the Hero”
  • Josee Lambert, “Trapped: Analysis of Reseau Aerien
  • F.C. St. Aubyn, “Butor’s Rare and Limited Editions: 1956-1983″
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index

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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
Volume: 5
Issue: 3
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