Vol. V, #2 B.S. Johnson / Jean Rhys

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • B. S. Johnson, “Introduction to Aren’t You Rather Young to Be Writing Your Memoirs?
  • B. S. Johnson, “Another Interruption: from Travelling People
  • B. S. Johnson, “Everyone Knows Somebody Who’s Dead”
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “Bryan”
  • Nicolas Tredell, “Telling Life, Telling Death: The Unfortunates
  • Judith Mackrell, “B. S. Johnson and the British Experimental Tradition: An Introduction”
  • Nicolas Tredell, “The Truths of Lying: Albert Angelo
  • Eva Figes, “B. S. Johnson”
  • David John Davies, “The Book as Metaphor: Artifice and Experiment in the Novels of B. S. Johnson”
  • Paul M. D’Eath, “B. S. Johnson and the Consolation of Literature”
  • Johan Thielemans, “Albert Angelo or B. S. Johnson’s Paradigm of Truth”
  • C. Kanaganayakam, “Artifice and Paradise in B. S. Johnson’s Travelling People
  • Paola Splendore, “B. S. Johnson’s Intransitive Performance”
  • Thomas McGonigle, “No Future”
  • Kenneth Tindall, “Bryan Johnson–A Big Motherfucker of a Pisces”
  • Paul M. D’Eath, “B. S. Johnson: A Select Bibliography”
  • Keith Abbott, “Some Thoughts on Jean Rhys’s Fiction”
  • Wilson Harris, “Jean Rhys’s ‘Tree of Life'”
  • Elaine Kraf, “Jean Rhys: The Men in her Novels (Hugh Heidler, ‘The Gigolo,’ and Mr. Mackenzie)”
  • James R. Lindroth, “Arrangements in Silver and Grey: The Whistlerian Moment in the Short Fiction of Jean Rhys”
  • Colette Lindroth, “Whispers Outside the Room: The Haunted Fiction of Jean Rhys”
  • Gertrude Berger, “Rhys, de Beauvoir, and the Woman in Love”
  • Mary Lou Emery, “The Paradox of Style: Metaphor and Ritual in Good Morning, Midnight
  • Jack Byrne, “Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight: The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
  • Books Received
  • Note to Future Contributors

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