Vol. V, #1 Claude Simon

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Anthony Cheal Pugh, “Interview with Claude Simon: Autobiography, the Novel, Politics”
  • Claude Simon, “Reflections on the Novel: Claude Simon’s Address to the Colloquium on the New Novel, New York University, October 1982″
  • Ludovic Janvier, “Claude Simon’s Answers to Some Questions Written by Ludovic Janvier”
  • Claude Simon, “Fiction Word by Word”
  • Leon Roudiez, “History and Fiction in Claude Simon’s Novels”
  • Anthony Cheal Pugh, “From Drawing, to Painting, to Text: Claude Simon’s Allegory of Representing and Reading in the Prologue to The Georgics
  • Jean H. Duffy, “The Textualization of Time in Conducting Bodies, Triptych and The World About Us
  • Ludovic Janvier, “On Body-Circuits”
  • Jean-Claude Lieber, “A Cumbersome Hero”
  • Alastair Duncan, “Simon and Sartre”
  • Celia Britton, “The Georgics: The Limits of History”
  • John Fletcher, “The General in The Georgics
  • Maria Minich Brewer, “Claude Simon: The Critical Properties of Painting”
  • Anna Otten, “Claude Simon’s I/Eye”
  • Jean-Claude Vareille, “What We Learn from an Open Window”
  • Joseph M. Conte, “Metaphor and Metonomy in Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds
  • Books Received
  • Note to Future Contributors
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