Vol. IX, #2 Milan Kundera / Zulfikar Ghose

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Lois Oppenheim, “Clarifications, Elucidations: An Interview with Milan Kundera”
  • Milan Kundera, “On Criticism, Aesthetics, and Europe”
  • Francois Ricard, “The Fallen Idyll: A Rereading of Milan Kundera”
  • Kvetoslav Chvatik, “Milan Kundera and the Crisis of Language”
  • Maria Nemcova Banerjee, “The Impossible Don Juan”
  • Ann Stewart Caldwell, “The Intrusive Narrative Voice of Milan Kundera”
  • Italo Calvino, “On Kundera”
  • John Bayley, “Kundera and Jane Austen”
  • Petra von Morstein, “Eternal Return and The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Bertrand Very, “Milan Kundera or the Hazards of Subjectivity”
  • Ilan Stavans, “Jacques and His Master: Kundera and His Precursors”
  • Glen Brand, “Selective Annotated Bibliography of Kundera Criticism”
  • Feroza Jussawalla and Reed Way Dasenbrock, “Introduction”
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “Things That Appear”
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “From The Triple Mirror of the Self
  • Zulfikar Ghose, “Five Poems”
  • Reed Way Dasenbrock and Feroza Jussawalla, “A Conversation with Zulfikar Ghose”
  • Thomas Berger, “A Selection of Letters”
  • Serge Frauchereau, “From Fiction Complete
  • Wilson Harris, “A Note on Zulfikar Ghose’s ‘Nature Strategies'”
  • Tariq Rahman, “Zulfikar Ghose and the Land of His Birth”
  • Shirley Geok-lin Lim, “A Poetics of Location: Reading Zulfikar Ghose”
  • W. H. New, “Structures of Uncertainty: Reading Ghose’s ‘The Zoo People'”
  • Robert Ross, “The Murder of Aziz Khan
  • Bruce King, “Ghose’s Criticism as Theory”
  • William J. Scheick, “Fictional Self and Mythic Art: A New History of Torments and Don Bueno
  • Ewing Campbell, “Encountering the Other in The Fiction of Reality
  • C. Kanaganayakam, “The Luminous Comprehension: From Realism to Counter- realism in the Writings of Zulfikar Ghose”
  • C. Kanaganayakam, “Zulfikar Ghose: A Selected Bibliography”
  • Books Received


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