Vol. IX, #1 New French Fiction

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Dominic Di Bernardi, “Introduction”
  • Jacques Roubaud, “From Hortense Is Abducted
  • Patrick Grainville, “On the Run”
  • Patrick Grainville, “Dancing Horses”
  • Muriel Cerf, “Radical Transformation”
  • Marc Cholodenko, “Far from God”
  • Yves Navarre, “Baby Drummond”
  • Annie Ernaux, “A Catholic Girlhood”
  • Annie Ernaux, “Women in My World”
  • Mathieu Benezet, “Us These Photographs, No”
  • Chantal Chawaf, “After Dark”
  • Chantal Chawaf, “Flight into the Bloodreds”
  • Rezvani, “Three Days of Don Juan”
  • Jeanne Hyvrard, “Musical Auditions on Certain Summer Evenings”
  • Jeanne Hyvrard, “Physics Chemistry”
  • Eugene Savitzkaya, “Metamorphoses”
  • J.-M. G. Le Clezio, “Round and Round”
  • J.-M. G. Le Clezio, “Naja Naja”
  • Daniele Sallenave, “Searching for Kaerner”
  • Jean Vautrin, “from Billy-ze-Kick
  • Daniel Boulanger, “Monsieur Marellange’s Score”
  • Patrick Modiano, “The Flying Ace”
  • “French Novelists on Their Writing”
  • “Book Reviewing in America: A Forum”
  • Books Received
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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
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