Vol. IV, #1 William S. Burroughs

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • William S. Burroughs, “Creative Reading”
  • William S. Burroughs, “Revenge of the Ice Box”
  • William S. Burroughs, “Ruski”
  • Phillipe Mikriammos, “The Last European Interview”
  • Nicholas Zurbrugg, “Burroughs, Grauerholz, and Cities of the Red Night: An Interview with James Grauerholz”
  • Michael Leddy, ” ‘Departed Have Left No Address': Revelation/Concealment Presence/Absence in Naked Lunch”
  • Gregory Stephenson, “The Gnostic Vision of William S. Burroughs”
  • Alan Ansen, “William Burroughs: A Personal View”
  • Regina Weinreich, “The Dynamic Deja Vu of William Burroughs”
  • Barbara L. Estrin, “The Revelatory Connection: Inspired Poetry and Naked Lunch
  • Steven Shaviro, “Burroughs’ Theater of Illusion: Cities of the Red Night
  • Robin Lydenberg, “Beyond Good and Evil: ‘How-To’ Read Naked Lunch
  • Nicholas Zurbrugg, “Burroughs, Barthes, and the Limits of Intertextuality”
  • Allan Johnston, “The Burroughs Biopathy: William S. Burroughs’ Junky and Naked Lunch and Reichian Theory”
  • David Ohle, “Fastest Brains Preserved”
  • Jennie Skerl, “Freedom Through Fantasy in the Recent Novels of William S. Burroughs”
  • Francois Bucher, “Burroughs’ Tree”
  • Anne Waldman, “June Dream”
  • Jurgen Ploog, “A Burroughs Primer”
  • Glenn O’Brien, “Burroughs Live”
  • Irving Malin, “Flashes of Schultz
  • James R. Bettinger, “Each Word Taken Clean, Clean: William Carlos Williams’ White Mule and The Great American Novel
  • Thomas McGonigle, “49th Slice From St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, 1974
  • Books Received
  • Note to Future Contributors
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Publication: Review of Contemporary Fiction
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