Vol. III, #2 Jack Kerouac / Robert Pinget

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • William S. Burroughs, “Kerouac”
  • William Crawford Woods, “‘A New Field': A Note on The Dharma Bums
  • Arthur Winfield Knight, “Searching for Jack Kerouac”
  • Ronna Johnson, “Doctor Sax: the Origins of Vision in the Duluoz Legend”
  • Larry Kart, “Jack Kerouac’s ‘Jazz America’ Or Who Was Roger Beloit?”
  • Joy Walsh, “Kerouac’s Harmonious Combination of Elements: The Long Symphonic Sentence”
  • Tim Hunt, “The Misreading of Kerouac”
  • Jim Burns, “Kerouac and Jazz”
  • Albert Huerta, S.J., “The Inner Quest of Space: Twenty-Five Years Later”
  • George Rideout, “Duluoz and Faust”
  • Eric Mottram, “A Preface to Visions of Cody
  • John Clellon Holmes, “Tender Hearts in Boulder”
  • Regina Weinreich, “Synaesthesia, Synchronicity, and Syncopation”
  • Joy Walsh, “Jack Kerouac: Roman Catholic Conscience and the Body”
  • Gerald Nicosia, “‘Where Did This Guy Come From, Anyway?'”
  • Regina Weinreich, “The Brothers Martin or the Decline of America”
  • Tom Clark, “Spring 1956: From A Life of Jack Kerouac
  • Joy Walsh, “Literature of the Fifties: Jack Kerouac and The Delicate Balancing Point”
  • Thomas McGonigle, “All I Got”
  • Chris Challis, “Write In Recollection and Amazement for Yourself”
  • George Dardess, “The ‘Marvels’ of Visions of Gerard
  • Barbara Wright, “Translator’s Preface to Pinget’s Someone
  • Robert Pinget, “Extracts from Someone
  • Robert Pinget, “Address to the New York University Conference”
  • Robert Pinget and Robert M. Henkels, “Voices on the Air: Pinget’s Radio Plays–Text and Interview”
  • Barbara Wright, “The ‘Trials’ of Translating Pinget”
  • Robert M. Henkels, “Names in Graal Flibuste
  • Stephen Bann, “L’Apocrype: Ou la Loi Nouvelle”
  • Stephen Bann, “Robert Pinget: The End of a Modern Way”
  • Stephen Bann, “Extremities of Discourse: Walter Pater and Robert Pinget”
  • Enid G. Marantz, “The Conflict of Words and Voices in Pinget’s Cette Voix
  • F. C. St. Aubyn, “Pinget and the Voyage to Some/Nowhere”
  • John O’Brien, “Pinget’s Passacaglia: Birds Wings Beating the Solid Air”
  • Jean-Louis de Rambures, “Who is Robert Pinget?”
  • Anna Otten, “The Search for Identity in the Work of Robert Pinget”
  • John Sturrock, “The Absences of Monsieur Songe”
  • Germaine Baril, “Discovering the Unforeseeable: Robert Pinget’s Narrative Adventures”
  • John Fletcher, “Pinget and Friends”
  • Jean-Claude Vareille, “Robert Pinget: Family Feuds and Others”
  • Germaine Baril, “‘Are You Listening?’–Robert Pinget’s Insistent Voices”
  • Robert M. Henkels, “Rats, Cats, and Bats: Character, Plot and Language in Robert Pinget’s Plays”
  • Jean-Claude Lieber, “Structure of Narration in The Inquisitory: Plot Formation or Senseless Ramblings?”
  • Jack Byrne, “Pinget’s The Inquisitory: Or Where Were You on the Night of June the 12th?”
  • Georges Raillard, “Between Fantoine and Agapa”
  • Anthony Cheal Pugh, “Authorial Personae in Pinget’s Fiction: Mahu, Mortin, and Monsieur Songe”
  • Tony Duvert, “Speech and Fiction: Robert Pinget’s The Libera Me Domine
  • Jean-Claude Lieber, “Abel and Bela
  • Bettina L. Knapp, “Deciphering an Alchemical Cipher: Robert Pinget’s Paralchimie
  • Alain Robbe-Grillet, “A Novel That Invents Itself”
  • Glenn W. Fetzer, “A Critical Bibliography of Robert Pinget”
  • Albert Russo, “Three Ionesque Hours at Paris’ Oldest Cafe (or) The Attribution of a New Literary Prize”
  • Contributors
  • Note to Future Contributors

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