Vol. II, #3 Paul Bowles / Coleman Dowell

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Books by Paul Bowles and Coleman Dowell
  • Eric Mottram, “Paul Bowles: Staticity and Terror”
  • Irving Malin, “Drastic Points”
  • Paul Metcalf, “A Journey in Search of Bowles”
  • Wayne Pounds, “Let It Come Down and Inner Geography”
  • Wendy Lesser, “Paul Bowles’s Collected Stories”
  • Tim Hunt, “Paul Bowles: Past and Present”
  • Jack Collins, “Approaching Paul Bowles”
  • Lawrence D. Stewart, “Paul Bowles and ‘The Frozen Fields’ of Vision”
  • Robert Hauptman, “Paul Bowles and the Perception of Evil”
  • Stephen Emerson, “Endings and The Sheltering Sky”
  • Linda S. Wells, “Paul Bowles: ‘Do Not Appropriate My Object'”
  • John O’Brien, “Interview with Coleman Dowell”
  • Coleman Dowell, “Literary Balcomb Greene”
  • Coleman Dowell, “White into Black”
  • Edmund White, “Thoughts on White on Black on White”
  • Miriam Fuchs, “Coleman Dowell’s Short Stories”
  • Balcomb Greene, “Coleman Dowell”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “Some Remarks on Island People”
  • Stephen-Paul Martin, “Exorcism and Grace: A Study of Androgyny in Island People”
  • John Kuehl and Linda Kandel Kuehl, “Miss Ethel and Mr. Dowell”
  • Thom Gunn, “Pushy Jews and Aging Queens: Imaginary People in Two Novels by Coleman Dowell”
  • Jack Byrne, “Coleman Dowell’s Frame-Up: What Miss Ethel Did Last Winter”
  • Books Received
  • Note to Future Contributors
  • Annual Index: Volume II

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