Vol. I, #2 Paul Metcalf / Hubert Selby

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Books by Paul Metcalf and Hubert Selby, Jr.
  • John O’Brien, “An Interview with Paul Metcalf”
  • George Butterick, “Paul Metcalf and the Documentary Narrative”
  • Richard Grossinger, “Notes for a Festschrift on Paul Metcalf”
  • Tom Churchill, “From Melville to Olson to Metcalf: The Double Play”
  • Vincent Ferrini, “Local Universe”
  • Ammiel Alcalay, “For Paul Metcalf”
  • Joe Napora, “The Body of Knowledge: Paul Metcalf’s Patagoni and U.S. Dept. of the Interior
  • Theodore Enslin, “Paul Metcalf–A Very Personal Appreciation”
  • Alex Gildzen, “Travels thru the Interior: Notes Towards a Structuralist Analysis of Paul Metcalf”
  • Don Byrd, “Mr. Metcalf and the Savage Mind”
  • Harry Lewis, “Paul Metcalf Delivers the News”
  • Charles DeFanti, “The Thrill of Choosing: Paul Metcalf and the Power of Not-So- Blackness”
  • John O’Brien, “Language and Materials in the Art of Paul Metcalf”
  • John O’Brien, “An Interview with Hubert Selby, Jr.”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “The Art of Hubert Selby”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “Addendum 1981: After Last Exit to Brooklyn
  • Jack Byrne, “Selby’s Yahoos: The Brooklyn Breed A Dialogue of the Mind with Itself”
  • Eric Mottram, “Free Like the Rest of Us: Violence and Despair in Hubert Selby’s Novels”
  • Paul Metcalf, “Herman and Hubert: The Odd Couple”
  • Kenneth Tindall, “The Fishing at Coney Island: Hubert Selby, Jr. and the Cult of Authenticity”
  • Robert Buckeye, “Some Preliminary Notes Towards a Study of Selby”
  • John O’Brien, “The Materials of Art in Hubert Selby”
  • Roland Binet, “The Mirror of Man”
  • Michael Stephens, “Hubert Selby, Jr.: The Poet of Prose Masters”
  • Joel Oppenheimer, “M E M O R I E S”
  • Kenneth John Atchity, “Hubert Selby’s Requiem for a Dream
  • Richard Wertime, “On the Question of Style in Hubert Selby, Jr.’s Fiction”
  • Harry Lewis, “Some Things I Want to Say About Hubert Selby’s Work”
  • Viktor Shklovsky, “Potebnya”
  • Annual Index: Volume I



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