Vol. I, #1 Gilbert Sorrentino

Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Books by Gilbert Sorrentino
  • John O’Brien, “An Interview with Gilbert Sorrentino”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “The Act of Creation and Its Artifact”
  • Gilbert Sorrentino, “From Work-in-Progress, Blue Pastoral
  • Hubert Selby, Jr., “Gilbert Sorrentino”
  • Toby Olson, “Sorrentino’s Past”
  • Sharon Thesen, “‘in the song / of the alphabet': Gilbert Sorrentino’s Splendide-Hotel
  • John O’Brien, “Every Man His Voice”
  • Stephen Emerson, “Three Thoughts About ‘The Moon in its Flight'”
  • Marie Russell, “‘Yes, We Have No Bananas': Gilbert Sorrentino’s The Orangery
  • Ammiel Alcalay, “Gilbert Sorrentino’s The Orangery
  • Max Eilenberg, “A Marvelous Gift: Gilbert Sorrentino’s Fiction”
  • Gerald L. Bruns, “A Short Defense of Plagiary”
  • Donald J. Greiner, “Antony Lamont in Search of Gilbert Sorrentino: Character and Mulligan Stew
  • Paul Emmett, “The Sky Changes: A Journey into the Unconscious and a Road into the Novels of Gilbert Sorrentino”
  • Lowell Dunlap, “Blue Indigo”
  • Leon S. Roudiez, “The Reality Changes”
  • Coleman Dowell, “Gilbert Sorrentino’s ‘Aberration of Starlight'”
  • Nicholas Mosley, “Gilbert Sorrentino and Mulligan Stew
  • Richard Elman, “Reading Gil Sorrentino”
  • Robert Creeley, “Xmas as in Merry”
  • Kenneth Tindall, “Adam and Eve on a Raft: Some Aspects of Love and Death in Mulligan Stew
  • Bernard Share, “On Giving Up Fictioneering”
  • Jack Byrne, “Sorrentino’s Steelwork: Expanding Eddy Beshary’s ‘Annual Listing’ (or) Beyond Besharyism”
  • Viktor Shklovsky, “The Parody Novel: Sterne’s Tristram Shandy
  • Note to Future Contributors

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