The Uses of Slime Mould: Essays of Four Decades

Lannan Selections
Nicholas Mosley

Including pieces on Gregory Bateson, William Faulkner, Philip Pullman, Sir Oswald Mosley’s politics, religion, and stammering, this deverse collection gathers essays written by Nicolas Mosley over the past forty years. Resembling the behavior of slime mould—a strange organism made up of separate amoebae that come together to form a single pillar that survives for a short time before bursting in order to scatter its seeds across the forest floor—the ideas found in these essays converge and disperse, crossing over into other disciplines and creating a unique way of looking at the world, one echoed in Mosley’s fictional writings.

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Publication: Lannan Selections
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ISBN-13: 9781564783608
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Publication date: 6/1/2004
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