The Sea

Catalan Literature SEries
Blai Bonet
Translated by Maruxa Relano, Martha Tennent

A moving contribution to the tradition of the metaphysical novel as exemplified by Dostoyevsky and Bernanos, and likewise a worthy counterpart to the vibrant and polyphonic work of fellow Iberians Camilo José Cela and Juan Goytisolo, The Sea is a cornerstone of postwar Catalan literature. Set in a tubercular sanatorium in Mallorca after the Spanish Civil War, it tells the story of three children sharing a gruesome secret who are brought together again by chance and illness — two patients and one nurse. A love triangle, a story of retribution, and an exploration of evil, The Sea is “a profound and radical descent into the depths of the human soul.” (Gerard de Cortanze)

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Translated by Maruxa Relano, Martha Tennent
Publication: Catalan Literature SEries
Format: paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-56478-143-7
Publication date: February 2015
List price: $13.95