The Last Days

French Literature Series
Raymond Queneau
Introduction by Vivian Kogan
Notes by Barbara Wright

The Last Days is Raymond Queneau’s autobiographical novel of Parisian student life in the 1920s: Vincent Tuquedenne tries to reconcile his love for reading with the sterility of studying as he hopes to study his way out of the petite bourgeoisie to which he belongs.

Vincent and his generation are contrasted with an older generation of retired teachers and petty crooks, and both generations come under the bemused gaze of the waiter Alfred, whose infallible method of predicting the future mocks prevailing scientific models. Similarly, Queneau’s literary universe operates under its own laws, joining rigorous artistry with a warm evocation of the last days of a bygone world.

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Introduction by Vivian Kogan
Notes by Barbara Wright
Publication: French Literature Series
Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 250
ISBN-13: 9780916583620
GTIN13: 9780916583620
Publication date: 10/1/1990
Language: eng
List price: $19.95