The Human Country

Lannan Selections
Harry Mathews

The Human Country collects all of Mathews’s shorter fiction, including the early stories from Country Cooking, the mid-career stories from The American Experience, and ten recent, previously uncollected pieces that are every bit as brilliant and surprising.

These stories include “The Broadcast,” in which the narrator learns from a radio program that everything he needs in life should fit into one sock; “Clocking the World on Cue,” an Oulipian story that employs the centuries-old literary form of the Chronogram; and “Calibrations of Latitude,” which follows Sir Joseph Pernican on a meandering and seemingly aimless journey (through the city and through his imagination) that in the end proves not aimless at all, but rather—like all of Mathews’s work—purposeful and deeply moving.

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Publication: Lannan Selections
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 186
ISBN-13: 9781564783219
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Publication date: 9/1/2002
Language: eng
List price: $14.50