The Formality of the Page

Tobias Roberts

The Formality of the Page is a collection of powerfully personal and meditative poems tracking the difficult emotional histories of ageing, love, family, and the artist’s life. Along the way and alongside these personal reflections, Roberts looks back on the many writers and artists with a role in shaping his sensibility, including Catullus, Dickinson, Melville, Hart Crane, and Wallace Stevens.

Tobias Roberts was born in Rome, Italy in 1953. After returning to America for college, he graduated with a BA in History and Latin from Dickinson College and received a Masters in Classics in 1980. He taught Latin and History at Ohio State University until he decided to retire from academia and devote all his attention to his writing. The Formality of the Page is his first collection of poems. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Publication date: November 2017
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